Martin Eyerer & Namito Release ‘Can´t Stop Me’ ft. Emil Rømer

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Hailed as two of Berlin’s most respected producers, Martin Eyerer and Namito have each made significant contributions to the evolution of the city’s thriving electronic music scene over the course of their respective careers. Heavily involved in the capital’s storied club culture and having graced some of the industry’s leading imprints, the two artists now blend their respective strains of house music on their new single ‘Can’t Stop Me’ (ft. Emil Rømer).

‘Can’t Stop Me’ marks an electrifying partnership between two individuals with a longstanding history of collaboration, underscoring their enduring creative synergy. Martin Eyerer, co-founder and CEO of Riverside Studios Berlin, contributes a wealth of technical knowledge and experience to the cut, whilst Namito, drawing on his dual heritage as a German-Iranian artist, infuses the project with an innovative production style, enriched by diverse cultural influences. A bassy house number with plenty of melodic and percussive intrigue, the effects of ‘Can’t Stop Me’ are further heightened by the soft vocal inclinations of British songwriter Emil Rømer. 

Martin Eyerer, a luminary in the electronic music scene, has solidified this status not only through his dynamic DJ sets but also through an impressive discography of over 250 career releases. A well-respected figure across the international music community, Eyerer has cultivated a leading music studio and creative complex in Riverside Studios. His visionary approach extends to the renowned Kling Klong label, which he founded in 2007, leading it to over 150 releases to date,  and setting a high standard for sound innovation and quality. 

Namito, a German-Iranian DJ and music producer, brings a rich tapestry of influences to their collaboration. From his formative years in Tehran, to current international recognition, Namito’s fusion of Western house music with profound vocals from Iran resonates globally. His successes extend to renowned labels such as Kompakt, Bedrock and his own label, Ubersee Music.

Emil Rømer is a songwriter originally from London, now based in Berlin and operating out of Riverside Studios. His musical journey began with touring metal bands in his youth before transitioning to a career in songwriting. Having worked as an engineer at Kensaltown Studios in London, Emil developed a passion for songcraft across various genres, including rock, grunge, indie, pop, techno and house. His collaborations span a wide range of artists, recently including Pan-Pot and SMLR, as well as his house project with Florian Reuter, CLOSR. His versatility and eclectic taste have made him a sought-after songwriter and collaborator in the music industry.