GHEIST is back on “Embassy One.” On the 10th of August their new single “Shine Again” will finally see the light of the day. With their upcoming release, the Berlin-based trio gives the world an outstanding vocal track and surprises once more with their unique understanding of club music and their ability to break genre-specific boundaries.

From the first moment on, “Shine Again” attracts through a haunting and mesmerizing vocal, luring you into their very own melancholic but warm musical universe. Driven by perfectly crafted synthesizers that allow you to dive into a beautifully pulsating soundscape, GHEIST shows once more what they are capable of.

To break the boundaries of club music as we know it is something we’ve always been keen on doing. 

With “Shine Again” we are taking another step in a direction that feels like our musical future” 

GHEIST continues to surprise with every release, proving that they are a force to be reckoned with. True music lovers should make a point to see them perform live whenever possible.

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