Christina Wood and Cicely Goulder on ‘Hollow’:

“Hollow was one of those tracks that had an epic journey – from its original chorus lines about finding peace sitting with sadness – to its final form with lush production textures and the nostalgic piano house riff hinting at the happy-sadness at its core.”
Spanning two continents and one ocean, Christina Wood and Cicely Goulder have nurtured a long distance partnership that withstands the shifting patterns of life.
The duo first garnered international acclaim in 2014, when single ‘Think’ went viral overnight and featured on the soundtrack for the cult Keanu Reeves film, John Wick. After releasing the Think EP in 2015, tours with Alt-J and Roisin Murphy cemented their musical path.
Moody pop debut album ‘Tear The Roots’ was released in 2017, and was partly inspired by Wood’s work in environmental consultancy, with the lyrics alluding to humanity’s relationship with the climate crisis. The record earned the duo their second spot in a film soundtrack, this time for Atomic Blonde (starring Charlize Theron) with a tender take on Nena's 1980s anti-war classic “99 Luftballons”. Second album ‘Odyssey’ followed in 2020, skillfully merging Wood’s sylph-like, operatic vocals with Goulder’s neo-Noir electronica. Both albums were produced by Wood and Goulder.
At the start of 2022, there nearly wasn’t a Kaleida any more. The pressures of parenting, not being able to tour and the pandemic triggered some soul searching, and Wood and Goulder almost called it quits for good.
But sometimes you have to look over the edge of the precipice before drawing back. After some time away, the pair have reunited in their virtual studio, and have returned to their musical vision with renewed vigour.
This is just the beginning for Kaleida.

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