About This Project

Stimming & Lambert are very unique artists, who coin the soundtrack of their times by not only quoting their past. Both mix classics with postmodernism, the unexpected with the long established – in order to create something that fills our needs in a very surprising way: getting excited about very new and astonishing tones while feeling at home with sounds we never really knew we liked. Both artists come from a classic background, studied their instruments from the peak. But whereas Lambert sticks to his piano, stays plain with this diversity of romantic, minimal opulence, Stimming mixes digital sounds with field recordings, the rattling of a coffee machine with 18th century music. All this combined on stage makes it even more exciting – the man with the mask who is not Daft Punk (at all) and the minimal composer, who is not (only) an international House Liveact.

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ambient, Electronic, House, Lambert, Modern Classical, Stimming