About This Project

Peer Kusiv, a 29-year-old music producer from the North of Germany, developed a keen interest in various music genres at a young age. Ranging from classical music, jazz, and pop to thumping 90s Euro techno – these diverse influences significantly shaped young Peer’s artistic development. From the age of 12, Peer experimented with producing music and soon realized he found his lifelong passion. He developed his unique style early: Composing his own melodies and playing most instruments himself, Peer Kusiv blends different samples and music genres into his distinctive soundscapes. In 2012, Peer managed to blur the lines between genres with his debut album “Natur und Techno and set the bar high for others to follow. His use of somber synthesizers in combination with composing tunes on classical instruments is beautifully balanced and present in all 12 tracks. In the last years, Peer concentrated on several EP´s and remixes on Labels like Kittball, Get Physical, or Parquet-Recordings. Peer’s unique style has earned him much respect in the music industry and his live sets have been celebrated at festivals and shows in numerous renowned clubs around the globe.

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Deep house, Melodic house, Peer Kusiv, Progressive House